New Beginnings


The theme of new beginnings seem to be ruminating in my head. New year, new day, new season, and a whole new life spread right out before me a few minutes at a time. I’m grateful to God for do overs. Some days it’s easier for me to isolate and shut out all the world around me, but isolation is where a disease that centers in my mind wants me, all alone in the confines and cobwebs of my old behaviors and thinking. Even I can admit it, but actually getting up and out of myself can be a challenge. Every man struggles with something. It’s freedom thru surrender that sustains me. Going to meetings when I would rather stay home, answering a call from a new member in recovery when the chicken on the stove is boiling over, or showing up to do H & I (hospitals and institutions) volunteer work helps. There are more and more who are dying without any knowledge of a better way. It’s sad to hear, and more sad to watch, especially with those we love the most. Drugs and alcohol destroyed much of a memory and recollection of my past. It’s probably a good thing because all I need to do is visit a few courthouses to remind myself of how far I’ve come. I wanted to change for years, and God gave me the willingness when I humbled myself enough to ask for help. Church calls it repentance, psychology calls it healing, but I call it a miracle. A miracle that I don’t wake up and hit the bottle I hid from myself the night before. I could not quit on my own. The power I speak of has to come from God. I know others who found God on a different path. The idea is each day is a new beginning no matter where I started or where I’ve been. I am not unique, but in order to get on with the journey, I have to stay on the path….good day!…

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