Having My Way


Back in my former life, I coached a basketball team of misunderstood but talented athletes. Many had troubled pasts but like any young, energetic, and passionate coach, I somehow was going to change all that and make them into winners. But the chemistry just wasn’t there. Chemistry goes a long way in the game of life too. So, I blew the whistle, called the players up and took out a line from a Burger King commercial. I told them it was my team, I was the coach, and they couldn’t “have it their way.” They never got it, we ended up .500, and looking back I didn’t get much of it, either. The book says selfishness and self centeredness is the root of all my problems. So, I did what I would have done when I was a kid, I picked up my ball and went home. I can’t change me that is for sure but the recognition and admission that I am the least bit selfish is progress. That to me is recovery. Recovery from the bondage of my own thinking. The world wants more of what I have to offer, I once thought, then I realized nobody was buying it. That behavior and thought pattern is no longer appealing to me when I see it in others. Conversely, I’m certain the same applies for me as well. If staying in my own head was all I ever did, it would be a like trying to prove a hypothesis with no evidence. It makes no sense to believe the lie that it has all got to be my way, or the idea that it’s not my problem so why should I try and fix it. The problem is me and unless I look at the track record and decide that it’s about focusing on what I can give rather than what I can get, then I show up to more meetings, open doors that were once closed, and allow God to lead me thru the maze of life. In the end, I’ve never heard anyone say, “now there lies a man that was so self absorbed that I want to be just like him.” The opposite I have found to be true in that most want to be the ones who stopped blowing the whistle and rolled out the ball for everyone to play…and that’s a parting shot I’ll take….good day!…b

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