I’m so thankful I no longer awaken to those feelings of terror, bewilderment, frustration, and despair. I know them well. Those feelings can creep back if I’m not in the boat or on the saddle. I had fallen off the proverbial wagon so many times, that no one, including myself, believed me. That’s what making promises you can’t keep will do. Excuses, lies, and false promises all lead to false hope in others. They pray for us, pour our bottles out, and seemingly we work our way back into good enough graces that we think it will be different next time. Somehow, I thought I would one day be be able to control it, but I found out I couldn’t. Today, I have a new found freedom that is a gift from God that I no longer take for granted. Some days are better than others but I no longer get stuck in feelings and feel trapped.  Down South we take a few things more seriously than others… football, bbq, hunting, and  fishing to name a few. But I have found, as important as I think those things are, that God isn’t keeping up with National Championships, bbq sauces, or 10 pointers. Life has a whole different meaning today all because I am sober.  I believe God wants me to have a good life. He promises I will when I ask.  I’m grateful I’ve found a solution and a new way to live. God has definitely done for me what I never could do for myself….help me stay on the wagon one more day so I can revel in his beautiful and marvelous creations. Sometimes there can be more than one champion, but in the game of life I see winners all around who are willing to go to any lengths to seek God’s will….good day!….b

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