blues man


“When I play from the heart, and I don’t think about the frets, then I know everything will be ok”- Stevie Ray Vaughn

The bluesman once said in an interview that he didn’t play what he knew, he played what he felt. Tragically, he was killed in a helicopter crash. The pilot flew full speed into the hillside due to low visibility. I’m no pilot, but I’ve flown by the seat of my pants the better half of my life. For an average guy like me, how many times have I rationalized and said, “oh, it just felt right,” never thinking about consequences, or how my actions really might affect others. The lies we tell ourselves and others can make believers out of anyone for a little while. Then the truth comes out. Some of us are just hard wired that way while others just seem to naturally get it. Change begins not with how I feel, but in what I do based on how I think. I’ve always been a blues boy, and hate to admit that its chemical more than anything. I’ve wanted my dopamine brain levels to be normal, but it hasn’t worked out that way for me. For years I self medicated to fix what I thought was the problem. Eventually, I sought medical help, got some relief, and perhaps changed the course of what might have been. It’s not a weakness to admit that I’ve struggled with depression or had the blues at times. Today, I do not crash and burn..thanks be to God that there is a way out from the darkness…good day!…b

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