God of Wonders


Screenshot_2016-01-17-08-57-47-1-1There are many situations where life presents itself with challenges or opportunities depending on whichever perspective I choose. I’ve chosen wrong at times, and there is always a price to pay. Today, pain still stings, but my faith has grown and I have a reprieve. That is the freedom that God gives me. What I want to be in the second half of my life is vastly different than what I took from the first half. I see my part, and if I don’t make it right with God and my fellow man then I feel hollow and empty inside.  I said I believed in God, but my mouth and feet were in two different places.  I want to leave this earth with no regrets just like my father who I’m watching transition from this life into eternity. A man that has worked hard, provided for his family, and given his time, energy, and resources to leaving this world a better place. It’s a beautiful thing to witness….no fear, just faith. We’ve had our disagreements, arguments, and misunderstandings thru the years, but looking back he just wanted what was best for the youngest of his six kids. I think I came into this world kicking and screaming and wanting life to suit me, but he has never wavered with an enduring love for all of us. I cannot recall a time where he wasn’t fair and just. If he felt favoritism, it didn’t show. It’s a design for living that works. My oldest turns 18 today, and I’m grateful to God that he welcomed me to fatherhood, too. I learn lessons from my father and my son, but the greatest joy has been living these last few years sober. I know my Pop is proud of me. He watched me progressively struggle for years and loved me when I couldn’t love myself. My son has too. I only pray that I teach thru my actions that kind of love to him and my daughter. It’s a love without end, just like the God of wonders has for us all!…..with no regrets, I am…..b

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