V Day


I love the analogy Forrest Gump used often, “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.” Sometimes we get thrown a lemon, we squeeze harder and harder but still no juice, or we pull that one chocolate that is shaped the best….and it’s the one with the coconut filling. We spit, we murmur, but never mind I read the top of the box that names the goo goo cluster placement. It’s my favorite, and someone has already made off with it. My mind tells me I’m a day late and two dollars short. Just for today tho, I’m early to wish everyone in candy land a Happy Valentine’s Day. I’ve never been one to get the whole ‘holiday’ idea. For all my attention seeking ways, I had rather crawl under a rock quite frankly. Maybe birthdays are ok, but I missed some of them I’m ashamed to admit. I missed anniversaries, too. That one is a deal breaker I assure you. What I have learned is just because a holiday or date doesn’t mean as much to me, it still may mean something to others. I should respect and honor that. It’s just another reminder of how childlike my thinking can be. Selfish, self centeredness is the root of my troubles I now know. But recognizing it, and putting forth the effort to change is like the dangling carrot. I’m never going to rid myself entirely, but God can help me be more in tune to helping others, which gets me out of self. I had lunch and a walk with a friend yesterday who’s living with brain cancer. We also took a drive on memory lane.  The same road we used to get high together riding down. But our lives have changed. He’s overcome his demons and gives God credit. I shared my experience of getting and staying sober as well. I was strengthened by his faith, and he helped me more than he will ever know. He mentioned gratitude, God, breath, a loving wife, family, and good friends. A right sized perspective I thought on what was once for us nothing but a big rock candy mountain….good day!…b

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