” I no doubt deserve my enemies, but probably not my friends”~ Walt Whitman

When comfort comes from someone else’s misfortune, I had better take inventory; lock, stock, and barrel. I’ve known some who have made a fortune at other people’s expense and it sickens me. Good thing I’m not the judge. The many times I’ve taken what wasn’t mine and replaced it with nothing are too numerous to count. I’ve found freedom today in truth. Some appreciate the gut level honesty, others had rather turn their cheek. I’ve often said if a man can count the number of friends on one hand then he is blessed. I think back at all the people I’ve met in my short life.  Sadly, like a pocket full of stolen toys and a life of wasted years, some friendships just aren’t meant to be. Life is like that, karma can be a cruel twist. My mama often said, “what goes around, comes around,” and I better understand its meaning today.  God puts people in my life to teach me lessons, not for me to seek out what I can get. One can teach me how to tie the hook, but another may actually show me how to catch the fish; and yet another can prepare me on how to cook them. Three friends, each with a talent, that can make a difference in whether or not I eat for the day. I’m grateful for those lessons. Working a program of recovery is much the same. Others can teach me their lessons by shared experiences. I’ve been challenged at times, and nothing was more difficult than asking for help. God gives me the courage when I ask. The wise men I know hope for the best but prepare for the worst. They put a little water in the storehouse so when the well runs dry they can share it even when they are about to run out themselves. Their unselfishness bleeds thru like dye on cotton. I’m grateful for those folks along with the laughter and the love……..good day!…b

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