Listen Up


You ever met someone who knows what they are talking about based on their experiences? Take my unsolicited advice and listen.  Whew, I used to wear myself out living life my way. I just had to find out for myself. It’s in ironclad Irish blood that we are good story tellers and big drinkers, but stubborn may just be a by product of my own self centeredness. I think it’s inherent that old habits die hard. Those basic instincts for acceptance and approval get out of line. One of the hardest things I must work at in recovery is to keep my mouth shut long enough to listen to what others have to say. Listening, I believe, is a developed skill. It takes practice for me to hone into what you are saying, look you in the eye, and focus. Over-talking can be a huge liability for me. I wouldn’t call it a character flaw as much as a flawed personality trait. Or maybe it’s just my ADD, but it’s one I have to work on for sure. It’s a GOD thing that I get a daily reprieve because, quite frankly, I got tired of people telling me….”you’re not going to believe what you said last night.” I would have no recollection. That is sad. If my mouth is moving, my ears aren’t working. Getting honest about my own character flaws can be tough. I’ve seen good people whose lives and careers were ruined because, like me, they would not listen or could not follow simple instructions. Eventually, the truth all comes out, but by then it is too late. One thing about the spoken word is once its said, it can’t be taken back. The tongue is a two edged sword, and the words of Teddy Roosevelt ring true,  “speak softly, but carry a big stick.” I should be restrained and  aware that my own actions can overpower me. When I listen to that small still voice of reason then my chances for success in any area of life rise proportionally……good day!….b





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