“If its your job to eat a frog, its better to do it in the morning. If its your job to eat two frogs, best to start with the largest one first”-Mark Twain

What some of us find out in life is those challenges we once thought to be obstacles, turn out to be stepping stones to a place of understanding and tranquility. I didn’t grow up in chaos, but I sure did enjoy the rush it had to offer me. Always teetering on the seawall of disaster, its the rush I got from walking that fine line without fail. My whole perception of life had been like that, and then I found out it was my perception that was warped. I had to learn the hard way that people weren’t out to eat my lunch. I’ve weathered broken bones, broken hearts, and a broken spirit all with the understanding that what once was an unfortunate turn of events has turned out to be my greatest resource in helping others to overcome their pain, heartache, and struggles. Their experiences give me hope, too. I had to come to grips at some point in my late thirties that bottles really were making all my decisions. I based my entire life around that next fix no matter if it were a cook out, an outdoor outing, ballgame for the kids, or some life event. Learning to overcome my fears has been a huge asset. Learning to live with and thru them, an even larger one. I met a priest who introduced me to his friend who had been sober a decade. We ate dinner that night over water, and I remember feeling like I wanted to crawl out of my skin. I started attending meetings, sharing, and asking for help….. I pray to God daily, now. I believe He answers my prayers, even when the answer is no. So I started the journey we call recovery. Just like turkey hunting, I did everything a man shouldn’t do in the woods with a loaded shotgun. I came out empty handed each time. I gave up trying. I surrendered…..and today those obstacles are turning into opportunities for me to experience life in a new and joyous way!…good day!…b

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