It’s been called the spice of life. Sometimes it’s not even skin tone, it can be how I think, respond, or act towards people just like me. I’ve found it interesting how some of the most diverse groups of people can get together and share experiences over a cup of java to give each other hope. People who ordinarily wouldn’t mingle. The reason is simple: we understand each other on a level that most who haven’t struggled with the disease of addiction can even comprehend. We are doctors, lawyers, nurses, artists, musicians, sellers of wares, and vagabonds. Vagrants so filthy that even the River Jordan couldn’t wash us clean. We are from the north, south, east, and west. All over Mother Earth people are getting sober because one man reached out from a phone booth in Akron, Ohio back in the 30’s. Diversity is something for me to embrace, not shun. I am a spiritual being having human experiences and I need the help of others to guide and teach me. I want to learn new ways to cope and live, and sometimes it’s the people that come from the hardest of places that teach me the most. I have a long way to go, but the place I started is the same place most begin. I was down, hopeless, and could not, for the life of my living soul, solve the drink question on my own willpower. The book answered the riddle when I read, ” if you can’t quit entirely, or stop once you start, then you are probably alcoholic.” Today, my home group is C.A. The reason is because my addiction reached beyond the bottle. It’s an all-inclusive fellowship for addicts and alcoholics alike. Once I found the freedom thru working the steps, I began to reach out. My journey takes me almost anywhere now. I may spend an afternoon at the park on a Sunday poring thru the book with another who’s still perplexed by the same questions I had. If my mind is closed to what others have to offer, I cut myself off from the LightSource. The old “I know it all” mindset doesn’t work anymore. We are all fearfully and wonderfully made, each of us having hope to offer the new man regardless of who we are or where we’ve been…… Good Day!…b

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