imageHenry Ford said that one of man’s greatest pleasures is realizing that he can do what he once feared that he couldn’t. Ok Mr. Ford, I’m getting off the porch, firing up the ole wood grain paneled station wagon, and heading out. (Oh! … know your folks drove some ugly cars, too!) Not really, the Ford Fairmont was retired long ago, and the Ford SUV is driving fine for now. Thankfully, God gave me an adventurous spirit, so if I’m not roaming the earth, then the earth is roaming in my mind. I read Outside magazine to take me to those very places.  Usually all I need is a total stranger to take my bad idea seriously. Living in recovery involves fear and change, and most type A personalities like me prefer more structure.  I once lived in this neat little box in my mind, but everyone was unhappy except the dog. Eventually even my dog didn’t want to hang around me anymore.  Those play by play, ‘drink myself  into complete oblivion’ songs on the front porch took a toll on her too. Soon, I was trapped only talking about old adventures and not creating new ones. The gift of sobriety has taught me that I can go almost anywhere now. It’s adventures that kindle my spirit and light fires in my soul. I can be real about my struggles, fears, and anxieties, but not have to worry as much along the journey, which is liberating. That’s freedom that the 12 step way of life uses to bring guys like me out of the pits of hopelessness and despair into a world of bravery and courage and back to the basics of my Judeo Christian beliefs.  From Christmas gifts flying off the top of the truck into the freeway, 3 feet of snow atop a mountain we could not drive down, and the camper rolling off and floating into a lake……. to lost shoes and worn out hammocks, we somehow make it back intact with experiences and photographs. Life is an adventure that I no longer want to miss……good day!…b

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