Two Questions

image.jpgJust two simple questions. That’s it for me to take an inventory for the day.  I sometimes get to busy to even stop and ask. They are: how important is it really?….and who’s in charge here?  If I can answer these honestly, then I am well on my way. Life is much simpler when I turn my will and face toward God, but I had to find hopelessness first. There is a difference in wishing and hoping. One believes, the other plants seeds of doubt. I want to live more minimal, and in order to do this, I have to ask God to take the character defects of greed and gluttony away. In the end, it will not matter what I have but what I was willing to give away. A smile, laughter, a kind word, or a soft answer perhaps. Those are free gifts.  That’s what Harvard Business School set out to do. Their aim was to disprove the idea that money can’t buy happiness, and they proved it can. The best minds put together a study that suggests  the people that are the happiest are the ones who make their own wealth and give it away. Warren Buffett has given 100% of his billions to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, who by the way, has a mission to end global poverty and end world health concerns. That is putting their money where their mouth is, and I applaud their efforts. But what about the common man like me? It may not be money, but I can offer my time, effort, and energy to help those who may not understand the disease of addiction. I am an addict, in recovery, who everyday has to ask God to help me stay sober. The fact that I don’t drink is a miracle, but the most miraculous part is that I don’t want it all because I ask myself two simple questions to start my day….blessings!…b

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