20160313_113224Some days, I get consumed in the comparison game, and trapped in a world where exhaustion is a status symbol. Today I try harder at letting that stuff go. I hear it all the time from others, as well, who are worn out over work, kids, play, school, or juggling a couple of part time jobs, and the very best I can do for the whole of mankind is crawl into my bananna slip on the front porch, take a nap, and dream.  Sometimes I just think to myself, “it’s ok to watch the world pass me by.”  Life really gets exhausting trying to keep up, live up, talk up, and work up just to keep pace. I never slept well when I drank but, four years later, I can cat nap like a tiger. My body needs rest just to catch up on all that time I spent hopelessly running I suppose. It’s an early recovery concern for many of us, and it was hard to sleep my first few months sober. Anxieties, fears, and the future would pervade my thinking and my mind would race like a squirrel in a cage. It’s the “no rest for the weary” syndrome, and I jump back in the rat race again. I skip lunch, skimp on my exercise, lay down my reflective readings, forget to run to God, and before I know it, taking a break is the last thing on my mind. And then I slide into my mobile hammock and remind myself why it’s the best money I’ve ever spent. I’m on my second one now, and it goes with me everywhere, but it’s home is on the porch. The straps are even adjustable so I don’t have to pick out two perfectly distanced trees anymore.  It’s just plug and play; well, more like hang and rest. If it’s not what I need, I flip down the hanging lounger and rock.  I guess I thought I’d be missing out on something if I wasn’t awake all the time but, for now at least, rest is the easiest way that I’m reminded to let go of what I once thought was real important stuff……good day!…b

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