The cost


“The price of victory is high, but so are the rewards”- Paul “Bear” Bryant
Lore has it that he really did wrestle a bear at the local county fair. I don’t know if he won, but it sure earned him a cool nickname along the way. He took averagely talented boys, created in them a desire to play as a team,  and made them into champions.  He’s not the only one: Rockne, Lombardi, Stagg, Landry, and Chuck Noll to name a few. They all gave their lives to win, but all of the victories came with a price. It’s not just about the game, it’s about the lessons I can learn. If I don’t learn the lesson, I can’t move forward, and history repeats itself…over and over and over.  One of the first questions most of us ask ourselves when making a decision is, ” what will it cost me?” Most men will confess a fear of loss of income or money as a driving force. Nothing, not even fame, comes without a price tag. You may have heard something like this in recovery circles”do the work, get the results.”. Even recovery comes with a sacrificial cost. Somebody had to stick around and stay sober long enough for others to see that it could be done. It’s that earnestedness within that keeps me going. But the money I spent to keep my habit supplied, in the long run, costs much more. Besides, addictions cost me friends, family, and loved ones. It robbed me of my joy. A huge price to pay for such destructive habits?  Yes, when it also nearly cost me my life. God put the pieces back together again. How does that happen? By not believing the lies in my head that tell me, “oh its free, it won’t cost anything” ….good day!….b







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