gray matters


It doesn’t make sense anymore for me to believe one idea, yet live another just to stay in shades of gray. These aren’t just my opinions, they are facts born out of my observations, study, and experiences. After all, what good is it for me to live in constant conflict with my inner core when there is no peace there. It’s why man wars against man, and blows up at the very thought of others telling him when he is wrong. What the world needs is less hate and more love. I’m appalled at the ‘common core ideas’ others use to try and brainwash me into believing that the world is all bad when I met a man today who helped me after my vehicle had broken down. Or that we should  just go with the flow to get a paycheck every month, sit quietly, and let everyone but our own good conscience legislate how we choose to live out our days here. God put it in me for a reason. It’s the same sentiment shared by Mark Twain when he said, “don’t let your schooling interfere with your education.” I got too smart for my own good, and nearly destroyed it all by believing a culture of lies. I know and understand that the world can be an unstable place, and all I need to do to prove it is to walk around my neighborhood. There are alarm system signs in everyone’s yard. Folks are scared of each other….afraid to speak, be friendly, and reach out. We don’t even know each other anymore.  That’s what hate does; it divides, conquers, and kills just like addictions. It’s been happening for centuries that man kills another over a plot of land, a piece of bread, or a belief system.  We do live in a broken, fallen world, and I can’t fix it. I had to get over my white washed mentality that because I had checked off my good deed’s list that somehow God likes me more. Sadly, that in a nutshell is the core of my problem: not money, drugs, relationships, nor alcohol. So I shouldn’t criticize, condemn, or fault a man because I’ve never walked a day in his shoes. I’ve never been crucified, either. But I do believe in a loving God that gives me strength and hope that loves us all enough that He gave us His Son to make up for the wreckage caused by mankind, and for me at least, there is nothing gray about it…good day!….b





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