They also suck the life force out, and it can be so subtle. In the words of our beloved Jenny, ” run Forrest, run!” Sometimes I look back and wonder what was I even thinking. I guess I wasn’t. Environmental factors are just as influential as biological ones studies have shown,  so factor in a negative attitude and surround myself with birds of a feather and not much changes. Perception is the real key for me. It’s my outlook that ultimately will determine my success in recovery, relationships, and rough spots. My mother would often say, “sometimes you have to squeeze lemons to make lemon juice.” I have to squeeze them more often it seems these days. I was pulling out of my driveway when I had forgotten I had my bike upright in fork locks on top of my truck. It caught the cable line and snatched it off the house. Later that day, I was driving down a stretch of four lane when my alternator stopped charging the electrical system.  Eventually, the battery died as well. 4 teenagers and 1 dog pulling a trailer stranded on the side of the highway can turn my mind into a tumbling tirade of tumultous tyrrany. I’m grateful I held it together. I prayed. I stayed calm. Then I remembered what I have learned to do in recovery: get to the solution. I had it towed, bought an alternator and changed it in the parking lot of the parts store. We were back on the road within an hour, but I guarantee the story would have ended much differently had I resorted to a chemical answer.  That’s the same principle with negativity. Negative people will tell a man he’s not smart enough, sharp enough, or can’t jump high enough to make it. My addiction tells me the same. Negativity breeds an outcome of failure. If someone tells a child they are worthless long enough, the child begins to believe it. On the flip side, there are those who preach the gospel of prosperity and the pendulum swings so far the other way that their lives appear unreal. Finding balance can be tough, but if I am going to stay sober, then I have to eradicate the toxicity created by negativity……good day!…b






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