The Good Life


Sometimes life has other plans, and I have to learn to embrace change. I’ve been resistant to change for much of my life because I wanted my way. It’s like beating my head against bricks; I can’t win. I do believe that I have a purpose today. It’s simply to ask God that His will be done in my life now. Whatever the circumstances or chains that I have been bound to before no longer hold me back. I am free because the obsession to change how I feel has been lifted. I’ve fought and resisted the notion that I could not recreationally drink or use mind altering chemicals. That became a lonely, cruel and dark world. Today, I walk in freedom. I have a choice. Completely powerless, I lost the power of choice long ago. As long as I continue to surrender, I will remain free. I have problems like the next guy. I can be overwhelmed by fear, anger, or despair. I get down and depressed, and I have highs and lows. That makes me human, and to confess it causes those emotions to lose their power over me. I have a better way  to live today and I call it the good life. The transformation that occurs when a man works the steps is amazing. My life is amazing because of it. Sorrow has been replaced with joy and happiness. I no longer live in despair. I find hope thru watching others lives change all because I pray for willingness and humility. I no longer have to hide behind the wall of denial or lie about something that is not true. I am more trustworthy and with that comes self respect. I want to encourage you if you are struggling with life that there is a better way out there for all of us. I found it by giving up trying to control everything including the waves. Some days we all have to pack our boards and go home. There is nothing out there that a drink or drug won’t make worse. I’m reminded of the good life every day my feet hit the floor…..blessings!…b

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