Self Forgiveness

image  Learning the skill of forgiving others provides me an opportunity to forgive myself for buying into misunderstandings from my past. Self-forgiveness offers self-love, acceptance and inner peace I have found, but I have to work at it to reap the benefits. Nothing comes to me naturally or by intuition along these lines. I have held grudges in the past that were only killing me. I am experiencing these attributes for the first time in my life, and for now, at least,  am content as much as happy. All life is for learning.Taking the approach that learning is a part of spiritual growth has allowed my experiences to become opportunities to get out of myself. I read an interesting article yesterday in Psychology Today about man’s need to look at challenges and adversity as opportunity for self-actualization. The author suggested my need for connectivity and wide open natural spaces. The most compelling was his academic perspective and depiction that in order to find peace, man must first learn to serve others. I thought immediately about how the application is so true in my life today because of the foundation of recovery I find thru working the 12 steps of AA; simple, yet profound.  When I can drop expectations and fear of failure, only then can I forgive myself for wrongs done and let go of harsh judgements and grudges. When I receive negative feedback from the Universe, I can correct these concerns if need be. That is growth based on spiritual principles offered to me as a new way of being and doing, a way that has resonated within my soul. Codependent by nature, I am working my way back to the truth of who I really am, and in order to help and love others, I must first forgive and love myself….#doinwhatworks…..b

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