Screenshot_2016-04-19-10-15-32-1 We all head out as youngsters with no warning of how harsh and cruel the world actually can be. I beg for worldly comforts not even realizing that there is a Divine purpose to the struggle. It’s not forever, the heart couldn’t hold out that long. Perhaps we both met strangers today that we may never see again, and they were there at that very moment to help us see a bigger plan….. I posted an add to sell my pop up camper that my kids and I used for creating priceless memories while rummaging around lakes and thru oak overhangs all across the South.  A buyer in his late twenties pulled up in a little truck with his five year old daughter. She was one of four he explained, an iron worker from the mills around Birmingham that during its heyday fed tens of thousands of families and kept the steel market stable in America. Then in October he got news that none of us like to hear; his job of ten years was being cut. Millworkers are a dying breed, but I, for one, appreciate their craft. Forging steel isn’t for lightweight first rounders. I found out by working my way thru college at a steel fabricating plant several lifetimes ago it seems. Life can be vindictive even to the blue collar working class. It’s believable when I take a ride thru the mining towns of the Appalachia that have been wiped out by the ravages of hillbilly heroin and coal dust, tho here was a young man that had the same cruel fate to all he’s ever known. I wonder how folks like him feed their kids, but then I remembered he does it just how I have, one morsel of bread at a time. His ‘daddy’s ‘lil sidekick’ smiled the biggest smile, and hadn’t a care in this world when she told him it would be her playhouse. I picked up on his vibe of understanding that life here is short, so we might as well go ahead and make some happy memories for the next generation as quickly as we can. As they pulled out, I was happy that she has a camper now to create memories while passing her time. It reminded me that we are all lending torches and leaving legacies of survival in ways I don’t often understand. Survivors are like that, we make it in spite of fate and even our own undoings, and nothing says it better than the smile and innocence of a child…good day!…b




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