received_864389757028876I like happy endings: for others, and for myself. I don’t have much of an attention span, but if I did, I’d watch movies that have happy endings. Endings can be bittersweet tho.  There are oftentimes we must say goodbye. I’ve tried really hard these last few weeks by calling, having lunch, and making time for friends and love ones that I’ll most certainly miss when I move. Today, I gave my dog Maggie away. I had to because we have two, and at 74 pounds, she is the bigger of the two. Really, the little one is the kid’s dog, and you all know we sacrifice for our kids. I’ve had her for 8 years, and I still remember waking up one morning after passing out in the yard with her licking my face. I assure you, she has loved me thru a lot. She knows my music and she loves a warm fire. I’m no dog whisperer, but Golden Retrievers have to be one of the smartest, sweetest, family friendly dog breeds I know, and I’ve owned breeds from Shelties to Sharpeiis. She fetches like a charm, swims like a fish, and calms me when I’m frazzled. If I could learn to love unconditionally like a child, or her, I’d be a better man. Our best times have been on the porch in silence, soaking in the side rays of the sun. I’ve learned a lot from watching her work. She was trained when I got her, and her bloodline is pure. She’s a white golden and she’s a showstopper. Endings, even new beginnings, can be exciting but tough. It’s hard to say goodbye to a dog, but also to people I’ve grown to love here. It’s been our home for a decade, and watching people change and become useful servants is something I’ll carry with me: to the deepest parts of my heart. I’ve moved to three states in 15 years, and multiple times in between. Never before now,had I thought twice or taken the time telling folks goodbye. I even left in the middle of the night on one rambling, year long detour. So fast in fact, that I left every dish I had in the dishwasher. But this time, as tough as letting go can be, I have to remind myself that endings are a necessary part of living….good day!..b

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