One Day at a Time

20160511_135652Lest I forget, I have this plaque as a reminder by my front door to let go of the past and stay out of the future. It was given to me by a special friend who is also in recovery. She stopped by to have lunch with me and a sponsee friend yesterday, and I’m grateful for her friendship. Once when my washer stopped working she let me use hers. I’ve stayed in her families condo at the beach at no charge. I never had giving friends like that before in active addiction. We were all trying to rob Peter to pay Paul, as they say. I’ve given her rides to meetings when she had no license. We know our stories well. She calls me out on my baloney and then laughs. I call her every now and again just to check on her. We’ve both helped each other because that’s what friends in recovery do. Kindred spirits know we will die if we try to fight it, so we surrender every waking day. She will celebrate three years of sobriety in a few short weeks, and I couldn’t be more  happy for a single soul. For those of us who’ve been there, we understand living life “one day at a time” better now that we’ve landed in institutions, parked our cars in our swimming pools, and passed out on the front of the lawn…..retirement may never get here if I get too far ahead of myself.  In early sobriety, my mind raced with crazy thoughts, and I had to take it a few short minutes at a time. I’ve accepted that I  have a disease with no known cure but abstinence. Night sweats, fevers, chills, headaches, and nausea are the suffering I put myself thru to think I was normal, that I could control my intake. Relapse happens inevitably when I get to busy with life to work on my recovery. I simply stop doing what worked. Most stories I hear of relapse are very similar. I let other trappings become my god, make excuses,blame others, feel sorrow and self pity, and get trapped in fear. Those bedevilments get my wires crosssed, I get sore and resentful and become useful to no one. The 9th step promises come as a result of doing the work. In fact, they are the exact oppposite of the bedevilments. The steps are in order for a reason, and that’s to help me remember that the only way  to live is ‘one day at a time’…good day!…b

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