Worry free living

Screenshot_2016-05-20-08-33-20-1A few days ago I was ambushed by my two teenagers with anxieties, fears, and worries they had over a concern regarding our move. Up until a few days ago, we hadn’t secured a place that would allow us to keep the little dog.  I was in the basement sorting what was trash and what I would keep, feeling a little sorry for myself because no one was volunteering to help.  Their concern over “Pookie”, the 4 lb. 8th wonder of the world, was important to them, but she grinds on me.  After all, I thought, I am the one who made the biggest sacrifice for giving my big dog, Maggie, away. In my first world, the little dog and the kids, deal me fits over typical stuff like feeding, watering, and letting her out for bodily function relief. You see where I going with this? Silly little nonsense over a maltipoo. So, I told them in the lowest tone and best way I knew how that if they didn’t believe, then believe that I believe all of it will work out; the dog, the house, the move, the change.  Change creates fear, fear creates worry, and worry creates problems. I have to remind myself of how far I’ve come with these interactions. It’s progress, not perfection I am seeking. Worry is a lack of faith, and without them ever knowing that I’ve walked streets alone, it’s important for them to know that all of these brief moments of anxiety work themselves out when we learn to trust, pray for God’s will to be done, and believe. I didn’t understand that concept until I had experienced enough to see that it was God all along who had and will save me thru consequences brought about by my own choices. The better news is that our situation is working out just fine. The little dog can go, the home is being secured, and the job is up for grabs.  When I stop worrying over circumstances outside my control, then I can truly live in freedom…..good day!..b

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