Easier, softer way

Screenshot_2016-05-23-06-51-52-1Me as well, my friend, me as well. The big book tells us that “we tried to find an easier, softer way” but we could not. I had to get ” fearless and thorough” from the start. I was scared to do that, I must admit, because I knew it involved change. But isn’t that the goal, accepting the good with the bad, the ups and downs? I never believed, but then again, I never listened to sound advice either. Even when I’m thirsty, I’ll take the longest route for the shortest drink. I’ve got to have the brakes beaten off of me for me to surrender to what life is teaching me. Looking back, I’ve always thought I was tough, and although I’ve been thru some tough circumstances,  I craved the ease and comfort of that first libation as far back as my first drinking experience as a teen. There was something magical and mystical when my face would get numb, but then my brain would too. It doesn’t happen in the average, temperate drinker so by no means am I bashing those who can drink hops and crushed grapes responsibly. There is a sophistication in a cigar with scotch that gave me an elitism mentality. Swirling wine and looking for the tannins seemed so suave. But my reality is that I can’t quit when I want too, so throw all that hoddie toddie business out of the convertible, I might as well be hogtied and drug behind a VW somewhere in the desert because it all ends the same for me. I just wanted the softer way, and that way  can appear right to a man, but in the end is destruction. What I thought was easier and softer turned out to be nothing more than a good lesson in a bad case of life rash….good day!…b

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