Screenshot_2016-05-26-11-02-47-1We come into the rooms remorseful and bitter, thinking somehow people and circumstances have done us wrong. But am I not the creator of my own confusion, trapped in a world, darkly, with no thought of anything but my struggles, my pain, and my sufferings?… I love art, music, and good prose. I love artsy people, too, because in some way they express themselves thru the medium that they use. We are all painting a canvas, singing our song, and writing the next chapter on the stories of our lives. Masterpieces that are made with the blood, sweat, and tears of our own travelings. Addiction is a cruel fate for those who are never able to grasp the concepts of what makes a magnificent stroke, chord, or string of words. Then, I begin to believe the lies and secrets that my disease tells me when tragedy or pain strikes that somehow, in some way, I will beat the game this time…and it kills my spirit to use again. Alcoholism is “cunning, baffling, and powerful.” If you are one of us, or perhaps know one of us, you may be perplexed at our actions and reasoning. We could give you a hundred reasons why we matched those colors, played the wrong note, or scripted the wrong lines, and it still wouldn’t make any sense. We dig our heels in deeper  and try harder but still can’t create the masterpiece we try to get others to see and feel. So we alienate, but still want others to love us nonetheless. I have been to art museums and still never seen what happens thru surrender. God, taking pieces of broken lives, and putting them back together again. It’s a miracle to observe, and a miracle to experience. I want to be a ‘ part of’ rather than a ‘part from’. Even the greatest artists can’t paint on canvas what God does by transforming lives. I had to give Him a shot, and I’m grateful He is still putting the finishing touches on a once hardened piece of clay…..good day!… b

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