Screenshot_2016-05-29-11-52-14-1Very little of nothing do I have power over I have learned. When I think I do have some control, I pull out the paper where I wrote on the left side the circumstances I have power over, and on the right side, the ones I am utterly powerless over. Believe me when I tell you that the left side is the short list. I can control what brand of coffee I drink, whether I choose to shave for the day, or whether or not I choose to turn the right side list over to a God who I talk with now. I converse, and I believe; that is it. Embracing the parts of my life that were out of control before produces confusing, chaotic thoughts. So I’ve learned the hard way what doesn’t work, irregardless of the circumstances. I can’t blame others for my misfortunes anymore than I can blame God. I simply found out that each of us are doing the best we know how at the moment,  and that is where the lessons are learned. It takes willingness and courage to stay sober; it also takes honesty and openness. I’ve accepted that I have a disease of perception so powerful that no one can fix,  no one but God. God is and will forever be the Sovreign Diety that gives me the strength to stay sober. Willpower doesn’t work; Surrender does! I found Him inside of me and in others when I worked thru the 12 steps. Circumstances change, people come and go thru our lives like woven tapestry, but each can teach me a lesson if I’m willing to learn. The external factors of my existence matter little, but the heart change does. The book speaks of psychic change and spiritual experiences, and countless millions have bought into the work it takes for those forces to take affect. When I see others lives change, irregardless of their curcumstances, I feel the courage to want to change too. I’m powerless over that first drink, drug, person, or circumstance, and none of those rule me today like they once did. I surrender everyday to that idea, and subsequently find the way to strength.. good day!…b

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