imageExploring change in routine can be tough for me at times. So what do I do? I throw the baby out with the bath water and totally change the whole kit and kaboodle;  new state, new home, new environment, new meetings, new job, and new people. I was jogging by the side of the sea this morning and thought to myself, ” what a wonderful deal.” I go to the 7 am meeting now as opposed to the 9:30 where I once lived. I ride my bike instead of taking the truck. I broker furniture which is a new challenge. I also left my old home with great memories. I didn’t leave this time by the moonlight, or owe anybody any money that I am aware. I left a normal routined life because it was good timing, and I find energy living close to water. There is also good recovery here that keeps me grounded, I have family who live close,  and a whole new meaning to the word transform has occurred. I was getting in a funk and getting bored before. I get that way after a few years in a place, somewhat restless and ready for change, but I wasn’t like this when I drank. I wanted everything to be the same. Rooted in OCD and control I later found out, I’ve had to let go and remember who’s in charge. Thankfully, it’s not me. But routine can be a good thing and settling in now with boxes thrown out, furniture in place, a good bed to sleep on, and day to day life events, I’m feeling like its home now. My kids didn’t trust the process at first, but I told them that I believed and to believe that I believed if they had doubts that everything would work itself out. Thankfully, it has because I’ve accepted that my life can be interrupted today and I don’t have to lose my mind, or worse, pick up a drink. I got to see great fireworks last night by the pier and even made two meetings. After all, it was Independence Day and I want to continue to live in freedom whether my routine changes in big or subtle ways ….good day…b

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