First Things First

20160923_122007-1I have learned to love the slogan First Things First, and I don’t even like cliches. In fact, when I first came into the program, I thought they were smug and pointed; crass and unnecessary. I’d like to think I’ve made some progress, but the truth is they were unsettling because I really didn’t understand them. ‘Live and Let Live’ makes more sense to me now. These slogans are quick hitters for me to learn to ‘Keep it Simple.’ I was angry and afraid when I came into the rooms of AA, and it negatively impacted all my relationships with others. I had to dig those skeletons back up in order to be reborn. It can be downright painful. Emotional courage is making mistakes but still trying anyway. For that matter, it takes any kind of courage to do the soul searching in order to change. If I’m willing to stop ignoring the pain,then there is hope, but recovery is not always easy. Some days, I want to throw up my hands and say forget it, but that’s not the answer. My experience is that I have to put recovery first and that means FIRST: as in, ‘First Things First.’ Kids, work, family and friends are all important, but if I don’t remember that slogan, I’m graveyard dead. What happens is I lose my serenity, I can’t deal with others in an adult way, and I fall off the wagon. It’s amazing how much the brain heals just after a few months sober. So much, that it seems almost normal to think drinking is ok again. I tried that and it was a dismal failure because I forgot the little stuff like  ‘One Day at a Time.’ Then I remember the one that says, ‘think, think, think.’ All of us have a story. Mine had been exclusive of sound advice well taken for many years. I think I’d better look around, and remember the slogans now. It never ends well when I forget them….good day!..b

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