Daily Readings and Devotion

I’m veering off the path somewhat today, but I want to share with you what works for me in my daily recovery from a former addiction to drugs and the drug alcohol. I receive daily readings into my inbox of which I start my day. Along with prayer and a gratitude list, scripture readings, 4-5  meetings a week, and working with others who are willing to get sober, I’d like to share with you screenshots from the “meat” of the message of a couple. Just For Today, In The Rooms, Desiring God, and Today’s Gift are my answer.  The holidays can be tough. DON’T ISOLATE, reach out and remember others have been where you presently are. Blessings, b






God in skin

screenshot_2016-12-07-22-17-35-1For what it is worth, I meet God face to face each day, but I’ll also occasionally shake hands with the devil. The one I follow, are the voices I feed. Practicing the principles of a 12 step program can be difficult and challenging. I mean, who really wants to be patient, tolerant, and loving at all times, especially to the mean lady at the check out counter? It takes courage and willingness for me to smile back and not mumble a curse word under my breath, but thats the devil inside. It’s the spiritual warfare within where working an inventory, abandoning myself to God, and making restitution for harms done to others helps me win the battle. A God conscious that helps me when I’m exhausted, helpless, and without an answer. Addiction is a puzzling riddle for many who aren’t in recovery or who have not had struggles with that next drink. I’ve been on the side streets with Satan himself, my pain so unbearable that I needed chemicals to ease it, and even that turned on me. The best news is that God walks among me today. The names of the people who wear their own spiritual journeys like loose garments who have helped save my life are too numerous to name or even remember without leaving someone out.  They showed me His Spirit by caring for me when I didn’t care for myself. Many I’d shun in isolation and fear,  and then I quit drinking and drugging and found they were spending their time helping those who had become willing to give up booze and do the work it takes to remain abstinent. They simply were using their experiences to help others. It’s not a graduate diploma we get in recovery, it’s a daily trudge. To trudge is “to walk with purpose,” and that’s how I found God. Walking around me, talking around me, and  doing around me were the people with skin in the game of Life who showed me who God is, and was, and forever will be. People who were so giving who had nothing, and people who were sharing their stories to give each other hope. It’s where joy, peace, and love are found;  right in the middle of the hearts of God…..blessings always!….b

Hard December

20161204_103953To be the most wonderful time of the year, it can be frightenly nerve wracking with  Christmas functions, family roles, and the ever growing wave of super-sized mega toys on the market. Whatever happened to an apple, orange, Bible, and mounted fish for Christmas? In the words of Dolly Parton, “it’s a hard candy Christmas.” That’s part of the magic tho, the song itself which dwells on the possibilities for spending this Christmas and the time thereafter in any number of ways: moving somewhere new, losing some weight, or cleaning out the garage.  Gritty, sad, out-of-luck, and ultimately hopeful, it’s an ideal refrain whether you’re scraping through an isolated holiday or reflecting on the larger general ebb and flow of life’s fortunes. Blessed beyond belief, let me just say, “God be with us all.” For an alcoholic even in recovery, the holidays can be tough to make it thru without drinking.  Feelings evoked by memories sometimes can’t escape the wrath of crushed grapes. The good news is that God removed my obsession for drugs to give others hope and thank Him for all he has done. That’s God’s will in my life today, and for that I’m grateful. He can take a wretched drunk, with a high or low bottom, and set him on his feet again to live one day at a time sober minded. Ask any addict, and we will tell you how horrible a mess we make of ourselves. The most insane part is that we do it mostly against our will. The countless times I swore off so that everyone around me could have a somewhat peaceful Christmas made me miserable. So, I would drink again, thinking I could handle it and Christmas would be bearable; that each new day would be better than the last. I finally surrendered to the old idea that somehow it would be different the next time.  I’m free because the causes of my bondage that made me a slave are gone when I surrender. The memories of just a few years back when I drank and drove around with the kids in the car looking at Christmas lights are enough now. I can play the tape thru, as we say. Unfortunately, I don’t remember too many of those Christmases before I got sober.  Now my thoughts can turn to others, like the families who lose their loved ones to addiction way too soon. That’s where my heart goes, to the burned out and seared up places that remind me that there are others who still suffer from a disease with no known cure; just a daily reprieve.  The relief I get with God and with “God in skin” is indescribably wonderful and reason to celebrate in good or bad times, no matter the time of year….good day!…b