Sober Living

screenshot_2016-12-27-19-59-20-1What is it about the sober life that attracts me and keeps me wanting to live it? I’m positively sure that most of us who have been found out lying about the number of drinks we had, or hiding the pill bottle, or pawning our belongings for that next fix can probably tell you in a few words: walking the bridge to freedom. When I was enslaved to the bottle, it wasn’t just emotional, mental, or physical; it was the spiritual component that I lacked that kept me sick. The disease of addiction tells my brain that I’ll quit tomorrow, but for many I’ve known, tomorrow never comes. Most of us have to be pretty badly mangled in order to become willing to change. I had to get open and honest about the resentments and fears that had ruled me all of my life. I had to admit that I was the problem, and alcohol and substances once were symptoms of a deadening of who I really am today. Little affect could have ever occurred in me to make me change. The consequences piling upon my bewildered head couldn’t get me sober. Today my relationships with my fellow man are better. My character defects I recognize, or others point out to me, more readily. What I have discovered in working toward my fifth year sober is that my life is infinitely better because I surrender daily to the idea that I ever really could drink like a gentleman. I spend my time and resources helping guys just like me, and somehow, with spiritual blessings, we stay sober one day at a time. I’m no guru or long shot. I am more comfortable now being myself and embracing my insanity at times, sober. Imagine that. A life well lived all because I work the 12 steps of AA, accept life on its terms, and continue with the willingness to simply say, “I don’t know.” I still get baffled with life’s circumstances and everyday happenings, but I don’t drink over them and that gives me the freedom to go just about anywhere free men walk…happy new year to you all….b

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