In the rooms

screenshot_2016-12-06-22-10-51-1When my world gets topsy turvy and life isn’t some seamless integration of all my senses, I find the peace and stillness I crave in writing. Drugs really never gave me that, neither did alcohol. Unfortunately people, nor places, nor stuff ever did  either. Putting pen to paper gives my soul a freedom that I had never experienced, so I keep on doing it because it works. The strange twist is that I can’t remember a time formerly when writing was nothing more than a chore; or a term paper my college girlfriend wrote that I would turn into the professor. How dare you, you ask?..Well, in my life I’ve taken some despicable actions, but I learned by staying sober and working the 12 steps that I could be freed from that junk. It’s simple but not always easy to get vulnerable, real, and raw. It takes courage to walk up to complete strangers at meetings, introduce myself, and ask them how their experiences are going.  It is the place where others get me and I get them. Some tales are tragic, others comical. Others are tragically comic, but underneath the laughter, attractiveness, and spontaneity lies a “deadly earnestedness” to remain willing to give until it hurts and share with others the gift of hope. I learned how powerless I am in the rooms. I learned how insane my drinking and thinking were in the rooms. Mostly, I learned how God works by watching other folks help ones who come in unable to help themselves. A man reaches his hand out, and the magic starts. It’s amazing to see how my life has evolved and changed. It’s wonderful to watch the same happen with others. We learn how to live as a family, a community, if you will, from all walks of life coping with the pressures, demands, and experiences of everyday life without picking up that first drink. The former life was tough, and even now my emotional sobriety can feel threatened. It defines my humanness to tell someone what is going on with me. Perhaps they’ve experienced the same thing in their lives and they share how they made it thru the storm without getting high or drunk. The coolest part is getting to know people in an entirely new way, but none of this magic happens if I’m unwilling to make it in the rooms to remain a part of it all….good day!….b

One thought on “In the rooms

  1. Thank you for sharing your writings with the world. God is taking it and using it for so much good (most of which you will probably never even realize).


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