The bell tolls

screenshot_2017-02-01-13-25-20-1People who grow up in condemnation learn to be judgemental. Such is true for the complainer and whiner that noone, and I mean noone, cares to be around. Remaining or playing the victim card gives others the power to trump me.  Let’s face it, we all get stuck from time to time with circumstances that warrant an occasional release. How I let go of  this negative energy is important in maintaining my emotional sobriety. Innately, animals have what is known as the ‘fight or flight ‘ syndrome, and it’s what keeps our species intact. I can either turn and walk away or stand and fight. Too many times, I’ve done the latter more than the former, but if I’m unwilling to accept my powerlessness over situations completely outside my control, I will remain stuck in the mess called martyrdom. The good news is that I recognize it more quickly and am able to employ healthy coping skills rather than to quit. Recovery is about learning to cope in healthy ways, and everyone of us is recovering from something.  That is exactly what the enemy wants me to do.  It has been called the easier, softer way, but in my experiences, the bed that it makes is a hard place to lie down. These varied events are the ones that can make a man go permanently insane. The stress hormone cortisol is released when someone yells at me  At that very moment, with heightened senses, I can retaliate or walk. Much can be discovered about my spiritual equilibrium when this occurs. This is when the bell rings, and in my past I would have thought less of my manhood if I didn’t stand my ground. It’s just not necessary anymore. People yell because there is something inside of them that feels threatened. I’d like to think I’ve made some progress in recovery here. The most important thing is that I don’t have to get blasted to get back at them. Those resentments are what kill ME, not the average man.  Its no longer necessary to play these scenarios over in my head. I have to learn to let go, so that I don’t become stark raven mad……good day!…b


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