First things first

C.S. Lewis wrote in the early forties to…”put first things first, and the second things will come, put second things first and I will lose them both”….Steven Covey wrote that I should begin each day with the end in mind.  I read the A.A. Big Book that tells me to ask God to direct my thinking at the start, and the Great Teacher once told the legal minds of His day to “put the Kingdom of God first, and everything else will be added.” It really is a much better way to approach my anxiety, stress, and angst. I drank it away, but that created more and more problems. You can easily see how my thinking gets me troubled. Waking up to a head full of noise can be a crippling, fear filled experience if I do not have a sufficient substitute. And I have found that it is the Creator of all that is beautiful and good that helps me when I cannot, for one single breath and the life of me, find my way. A common peril is what brought me to the rooms of recovery. Finding hope and hearing God expressed thru others’ experiences has catapulted me into a newer appreciation of space and time. Time and space are both infinite, and both are way above my understanding. It is best that I take each for face value and play the only cards I have…..the ones that I have been dealt. Acceptance is a hard task when I don’t think that my life is shaped like I had supposed.  I have to pause and remember that there are others who think much like I do because they have the sober mind of a chronic alcoholic, too. A mind that if left unchecked, goes off to the races and won’t show back up for  days, weeks, even years. I know because my mind has told me, “you got this.” It has always been the first drink that got me, just like the first cut. Beginning each day fresh is where I start, and letting go of all circumstances, people, and events that are outside my control is healthy. It reminds me that it will all play out just like it was meant to be as long as I remember to stay out of the way. I simply cannot wake up and go thru my day without remembering to put the most important parts first if I want to be at peace….good day!…b

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