Recovery tools

Nothing can assure that I won’t take that first drink as much as writing down or mentally focusing on a good ol gratitude list, saying a prayer, attending a meeting, or a conversation thru out my day with other alcoholics in recovery. Growing my recovery network has been foundational to me staying sober as well. Reading recovery literature and spiritual material is also helpful in keeping my mind from racing and thinking only about myself. These are recovery tools; those important parts that glue together when the seams come unraveled. Staying centered is key for me along my recovery road. Accepting others as they are, and realizing that we all struggle with something makes me human. It is exactly why I need God. It is easy to get complacent with life when times are good, but a blip on the radar occurs and suddenly I can gravitate toward the negative, fear filled side. It is almost ingrained that is where my mind goes. Maybe I lose a contract or the car battety is dead. Maybe the kids get sick, or my bicycle chain breaks. All these events have happened and more, but the people that I know that are the happiest are the ones who accept it and let it go quickly.  They have recovery tools they use to stay sober…..I’m visiting my old stomping grounds for a few days, so I visited my CA homegroup. I”ll make a 9:30 meeting this morning and see my friends there before I leave town. Some are the very ones I walked into the rooms with just months apart. They are staying sober as well. That gives me hope that the program outlined in the book really does work for helping me stay straight. You see, I can”t do this by myself. I need the help of a sponsor and others who have experienced the chaos that alcoholism creates. They somehow find joy and meaning by helping others. A psychic change occurs and they no longer obsess over people, places, or things. Now I know that we are free because we pick up the spiritual toolkit laid at our feet….good day!…b

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