Friends and addiction

“Wanna find out who your friends are? Get sober.”This anonymous quote reminds us of a powerful, often-painful truth: When we change, our relationships to the people around us change too. Often when we first get sober, we may find ourselves feeling isolated so we attempt a new relationship without getting to know our true sober selves. Some friendships and connections fall away, and we’re not sure what will take their place. When that happens, it helps to be able to hear from others who have gone through the same thing. It helps to be reminded that we’re not alone, that many people have walked the road before us. Today, I thank God for these people. They taught me what codependent thinking FEELS like and that has made all the difference. I got caught and trapped there for most of my life. Many of us in recovery find that controlling, obsessing, and caretaking do not work in any type of relationship. Oftentimes, the strangeness of some friend in recovery relapsing causes us to have to pull back. It is healthier to set those boundaries early but always reminding them that my hand is still there when they reach for help. I have to remember that my life is at stake. Some tragically never make it back. It is a sad ending to what once had been a happy life. Friends will ebb and flow thruout our lives, and some friendships will grow stronger thru the years. Some may even turn into courtship and marriage.  Others we may lose to the natural order of life. Recovery principles work in harmonious relationships when I do my part to see how I can improve myself. It takes a village of friendly networks wherever I go to help me stay sober. I have found it to be one of life’s simple pleasures…good day!…b

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