I write to stay free so I go to meetings of AA to hear the voices of freedom,  and I take walks on the beach to experience the feelings of freedom. I have to feel things and when the going gets tough, I count my blessings. I learn that from people who are sober alcoholics. I also began saying a simple prayer in the morning for God to put people in my life that I can help. The blessing is that He does, but I must aswer the call. Stronger men than me have been taken by the undercurrents of addiction far too soon.  I was in bondage in every sort of way but especially to the emotive part of me. I was clueless that I was using alcohol just to get some peace of mind…and then the very friend I found inside the bottle turned on me. Allowing others to walk beside me in my times of distress is a way of serving them, while also allowing them to serve me. It’s the 12th step of AA. As a result of working steps 1 thru 11, we then have an opportunity to share with others the blessing of hope, but we can’t transmit something that we don’t have. Some days it is just a matter of faith. What I’ve learned is that if I want to stay sober then I have to do what sober people do. It takes faith, courage, and a heaping dose of humility. Sprinkle in a little gratitude, and there is a recipe for learning how to live sober one day at a time. Life happens, change is inevitable, and growth is optional. Counting my blessings is one sure way that helps me to stay away from the first drink…good day!…b

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