For years I was a substance abuser who had struggled most all my life with healthy coping skills. Completely broken, I sought and found God thru working the 12 steps. He removed my obsessions to drink and use mind altering chemicals, and He saved my life. Now, as I walk an everyday spiritual journey, I write of my experiences while staying sober along with my efforts in overcoming self destructive habits.  Not everyone struggles with substance abuse….for some it’s sex, work, money, food, porn, mental illness, or self image. I am not a victim nor a martyr so these are my thoughts, experiences, and opinions born out of my pain and personal growth. I write to let go of my fears, and if it helps you, thanks be to God.  I run, kayak, fish, hunt, mountain bike, take photographs, and travel now. Thankfully, He restored my sanity. I’m also a recovering addict. I write to stay alive and to give that same hope to the dying man who may not know that there is a better way by living sober. We are all on this journey called Life together,  and we can recover!…..b

One thought on “About

  1. Absolutely love posts and emails!!!
    They r so so encouraging!
    Thanks for your realness and uplifting words!

    Also was wondering if u would put ur face/picture on emails or blogs!
    It would be cool to see the face behind these Great posts!

    Thanks again for your encouragement,

    Kassie greer

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